Firmwarerom Customised Small Red Sparkle Bow Tie Pet Tag:Firmwarerom
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Customised Small Red Sparkle Bow Tie Pet Tag:Firmwarerom

Pet-Tags Published in October 20, 2018, 1:36 pm
 Customised Small Red Sparkle Bow Tie Pet Tag:Firmwarerom

Customised Small Red Sparkle Bow Tie Pet Tag:Firmwarerom

Price:£7.99+ Free shipping

Leigh Reply to on 15 June 2017
Really beautiful ID badge for dogs. The slight glitter accents make it catch the light and stand out without it being tacky. My dog has had two of these so far and if it wasn't for us moving, the first one would still be going strong (2 years on). Not a single sign of rust or wear and tear either which is perfect Got the white one which really was spectacular and the second was in pink which is once again beautiful. The colours are exactly as pictured. The engraving is beautifully done and the writing is clear and can be seen easily. Both of the engravings haven't faded (as some do) or got scratched even after walks in the woods through brambles etc. will definitely buy again and would recommend wholeheartedly
UPDATE: I have just bought another one of these as we have got a new puppy. This time I got the white sparkle bow. It's absolutely stunning and engraving perfect (as I expected from past purchases). However this one was a day late in arriving.
Nekrotikk Reply to on 19 June 2018
It's a bit bigger and heavier than the tags I get for my small cat, but bigger cats or dogs would be fine with it. I actually got it to add to a medical emergency bracelet for myself to inform medical staff they need to contact someone to look after my cat if I'm hurt - medical bracelets never have this info on them. And it's a very pretty unusual tag. So between that, a card with my ID, and a note that pops up on my phone, my cat should be a priority if anything bad happens.
P. Aston
P. Aston Reply to on 22 September 2016
This is so lovely, pink sparkle one side and a clearly engraved address etc on the other. I would recommend to other prospective buyers as the service and the product were ace. Will be recommending to a friend who I know is needing one.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 July 2018
Item arrived and looks really cheap. Worse of all, the engraving isn't central, it's starts from the far left, so the first character is almost unreadable, not sure why they didn't engrave it central. the text for the telephone number is soo small, it's barely readable. Going in the bin and going elsewhere, don't waste your money!!!
TamaraK Reply to on 24 January 2018
Bought 4 x different tags for my cat as we are moving. She’s never worn one before as she’s indoor at the moment. She loves them! Lovely tags, beautiful inscription and able to fit a lot of information. I received them the day after I ordered. Was very impressed!
J.Madge Reply to on 18 August 2018
My dog loves her new doggie tag! Its a good size (for a medium sized dog) it looks cool with the black paw print design and the writing on the back is clear should she decide to wander!
labrador Reply to on 24 January 2018
Nice size and sturdy. Not a thin little thing you can purchase that’s no good for larger dogs
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams Reply to on 19 August 2018
When move next year I will buy the gps tracking tag. Like the design it’s fresh and hip, my boy is so chilled. So it fits his character.
Z Reply to on 17 June 2018
Didn't get one showing in picture, but great finish on engraving, premium material apart from the keyring and great customer service
bridie w
bridie w Reply to on 6 August 2018
Beautiful product!! Absolutely love it!! A d great quality. Would highly recommend to anyone!
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