Firmwarerom iBoutique® 30W Bayonet (B22) Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb Equivalent Output 150 Watts (Full Spectrum) Great For SAD Sufferers, Snooker, Pool, Hobbies, Crafts, Photography:Firmwarerom
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iBoutique® 30W Bayonet (B22) Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb Equivalent Output 150 Watts (Full Spectrum) Great For SAD Sufferers, Snooker, Pool, Hobbies, Crafts, Photography:Firmwarerom

iBoutique Published in October 20, 2018, 1:51 pm
 iBoutique® 30W Bayonet (B22) Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb Equivalent Output 150 Watts (Full Spectrum) Great For SAD Sufferers, Snooker, Pool, Hobbies, Crafts, Photography:Firmwarerom

iBoutique® 30W Bayonet (B22) Daylight Energy Saving Light Bulb Equivalent Output 150 Watts (Full Spectrum) Great For SAD Sufferers, Snooker, Pool, Hobbies, Crafts, Photography:Firmwarerom

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Nada Olson
Nada Olson Reply to on 16 January 2017
These daylight energy saving light bulbs are absolutely amazing and they have brightened up my whole house. Before, I had these orange toned light bulbs which were quite dull and it was hard to take pictures in but these bulbs completely reenact daylight indoors. They were very easy to place within the compartment as well without any struggle and the price is definitely worth it. At the moment I can not say whether it has improved my S.A.D however I do feel a lot more calmer and awake in this lighting. Also because I take photos and film videos, it has gotten rid of the warm yellow contrast, the lighting is so much better and it has improved the quality of my photos. Highly recommend this product!
Annie by the Sea
Annie by the Sea Reply to on 4 October 2017
Bright daylight spectrum white light, bayonet fitting. Quite large. Wonderful for people who suffer from winter depression (SAD). The spectrum of light important as well as brightness. Bought one, which was fitted today. So please I’ve immediately ordered 5 more. Fits standard UK bayonet fitting. Could be used in overhead lights and table lamps etc. If it’s important to you for a neat look in *small* fittings and you don’t mind about daylight spectrum and being very bright, you might look for a smaller light bulb. But I can’t stress enough how much I love the white light spectrum and brightness. Makes my lampshade look pretty. Not dimmable - not for use with dimmer or in a completely closed fitment. You might want other table lamps etc with lower wattage for evenings, as it’s just possible very bright light all evening could disturb sleep. But if you do get down in the dumps in winter, these light bulbs are SO worth it!
Hollie Reply to on 8 January 2016
I have only been using this bulb for a couple of hours and I already feel more alert because of the bright light. As someone who is affected by short day time hours in winter, I'm already seeing the benefits!

Some people mentioned that they noticed a flicker on the bulb. I noticed this too but but then adjusted the rotation of the bulb where it clips into the light fixing by 180 degrees and this seemed to sort it out. So might be something to do with the bayonet connection to your fixing, maybe give this a go.

There is something about the slightly blue light that makes me feel more awake. It is very bright.
Annom Reply to on 23 November 2017
I can't believe how bright this is, and how much more like daylight it is. Obviously the lux/lumen is not bright enough to be considered treatment for SAD (someone made a comment about it not helping their SAD yet, I suppose it wouldnt at this level?) however you woudln't really want it much brighter if you are having it in the room all day.
I will be interested to see if this ends up giving me migraines though.
I can imagine this will help with general mood, can't see how it would be a bad thing as long as it doesnt give me headches. Very glad I bought it, feel happier just being in a room where everything isnt dull (its a bit of a typical dull autumn/winter day out right now).
laura Reply to on 24 June 2018
I suffer with seasonal depression and the same is with my sister. When in my room, where i spend most of my time, I would feel quite lethargic and tired all the time. I found it difficult to motivate myself to do work or keep myself awake and would find myself creeping over to the bed quite often.

When i heard about this lightbulb, i was quite a skeptic. I didnt think it would do much but for the price I thought there was no harm in trying. So i ordered one for my sister and I. The Installation was pretty straightforward and it worked immediately.

First impression: damn was it bright. I initially thought i made a mistake cause my sister also suffers from migraines and i thought this would trigger it. After a few months now, it hasn't affected her at all. We got used to the brightness pretty quickly and I've noticed a positive improvement in both my sister's and I's mood. I would definitely recommend purchasing this product!*

**If you suffer with depression please consult your GP. Regardless if you purchase this product or not. This product has personally helped me and it may also assist you but it is NOT a solution. GP's can recommend blood test's to test for a vitamin deficiency's and offer free support regarding therapy or alternatives.
Yellow Belly
Yellow Belly Reply to on 1 November 2016
If you want a proper white light with no undue colour cast, this is it and the brightness is pretty high too. Definitely not a light for relaxing too; it's an activity light where it's brightness and whiteness may be more appropriate. Being the contrarian and hypocrite. that I am, I'm using it close up whilst chilling to see if it helps alleviate my SAD a bit. If you do fine detail stuff that demands good vision then this bulb should help quite a bit too.

Just need to see how long it lasts now.
Luke R.
Luke R. Reply to on 27 December 2017
Good in that it was pretty bright for a CFL I put it in the kitchen. Not good in that it didn't last very long before it blew and all these new eco friendly lightbulbs are very expensive and none of them are ever as bright as they claim to be and the light they emit is horrible. Not so eco friendly if you have to throw them away in less than a year and buy a new one? It has been replaced with a halogen bulb, they don't last long either but I need something bright in the kitchen because I need to be able to see.
Summer Reply to on 26 September 2017
If you want very bright light then this is for you. I didn't expect it to be so bright as it is an energy saving bulb, so if you want a warmer tone I would advise against getting this, but great for a bright light well covered with a lampshade (or it's a bit blinding!)
doodallybloke Reply to on 15 January 2016
Bought a couple of these 30W (in old money that's supposed to be150w) B22 Daylight Energy light bulbs and installed them externally in a couple of light fittings around the house. My impression is that they aren't bad but for 150w bulbs I thought that they not all that bright to tell you the truth. We compared them to a couple of other types of day light 100w light bulbs and we thought that they were 'on a par'. Also the light given off is 'very cold' we feel giving an uninviting appearance to the house. Nothing of any warmth in these bulbs, fitted externally anyway. All IMHO of coarse.

UPDATE: As an update to my initial impressions of January this year, I have had 2 bulbs fail so far this year as I write on the 16th April 2016. In effect these 2 bulbs have been functioning for approx 14 weeks or 3.5 months. I reason (due to my Winter evening on/off time switch settings) that both these externally fitted bulbs have actually worked for LESS than 2000 hrs. So much for the nonsense stated "UP TO" 8000 hrs functionality. Might just as well go the whole hog and state "UP TO" 16,000 hrs, even more if you wish. I mean what does "UP TO" actually mean? It means nothing. Its just another sales ploy where numbers impress. Expensive light bulbs for 2,000hr functionality.
Hairy Joe
Hairy Joe Reply to on 24 September 2016
I began using this in March last and it gave good quality white light though subjectively the output seemed closer to a 100W tungsten than the claimed 150W. Alas it's just expired after a mere 6 months of normal summer use.

Even if i wildly exaggerate the estimated on time at 8 hours per day that comes in at less than 1500 hours - very far short of the claimed 8000 hours.

From an economic point of view I'd have been better off buying tungstens as the higher running cost would have been more than repaid by their lower purchase price.

From an environmental perspective these seem to be a disaster considering the impact of manufacturing the large bulb with all the internal electronics only to have to replace them after such a wretchedly short working life.

I couldn't recommend this product.
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